Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fish Tales

I got to go fishing with my new colleagues in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday. It was pretty exciting. I caught three fish right off the bat - BAM. BAM, BAM. Only one was a keeper - a pretty nice looking sand trout. The rest were small catfish. After that, the line went cold for the rest of the day. Not even a bite. But Andy Spell caught two really cool looking sharks and just about everyone else caught something. One guy on the boat hooked a stingray. It was incredible.

I enjoyed being with the West Houston staff and I think I'll fit in nicely there. I'm REALLY, REALLY excited about what God has in store for our ministry in Houston.

The biggest news is that we sold our house! It wasn't for our asking price but we didn't want to get hung up on a couple thousand dollars when we could be moving through the process of getting it inspected, getting financing stuff taken care of, etc. So we went with it. Quite exciting.

We're getting in our final goodbye's the rest of the week. Tonight we're having dinner with the elders, tomorrow night is our softball party, Saturday we're going to Sonic with the teens then hanging with our "couple" friends that night. Sunday is our last Sunday, and Monday we roll out of town with our clothes, a few toys, Maggie the dog, and all my office stuff. We're going to live in an Intown Extended Stay Hotel near the church building until we can get into a house. That should only be about 3 or 4 weeks. Hopefully we'll be able to get a closing date on a house around the same time as the closing date in Richmond so the move can be as seamless as possible.

Ranting now, so I'll go back to cleaning my office.


Blogger ABL said...

YIPPEEEE that ya'll sold your house! I can't believe you are really coming to TX. We'll have to make a trip to Houston very soon.

1:33 PM  

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