Saturday, March 15, 2008

3's a Crowd

Hey everybody. I hope you're all doing well out there. Sorry I've slacked off on my blogging habits. I'd like to say, "Don't worry, I'll post something new everyday." But, quite honestly, that's not happening.

For those of you who are unaware, Christina and I are expecting our 3rd child, Seth, in about three weeks. I absolute love being a dad. With the exception of my wife, there is nothing on earth that can make me smile any bigger than walking in the front door and seeing two faces that are a beautiful blend of mother and father running at me as though I'd been away for years. To hear my boys yell, "Daddy!" when they see me makes all other things disappear, if only for that brief moment.

I can't wait to meet Seth and see what he looks like, count all his fingers and toes, hear his cry, cut the cord, and hold him all swaddled up in those not-so-soft hospital blankets. I can't wait to see how Levi and Titus will be around him. We're trying to gear Titus up for being a big brother, but he doesn't exactly share Mama well. So feeding times might be ugly.

Children are one of, if not the GREATEST, blessing we receive from God on earth. As parents we get an insight into the heart of God when our hearts ache for our children. For me, though, I love knowing that the depth to which I love my sons is matched only by the depth to which God loves me. When my heart skips a beat over hearing my boys call out, "Daddy!" God's heart skips when we run to Him. Not only is He the creator of my child, He is the creator of the love I feel for my children. And while he may have my eyes or Christina's smile, it is God's image that will be stamped on Seth's heart and woven into his soul. Praise God for the blessing of a new child.


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